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Our Story

Our Vision

AT IHMS, we inspire life-long learners through empowering students to learn, communicate, and build lasting relationships.

Our Mission

To provide an equitable learning environment while creating positive relationships that will prepare ALL students to meet the challenge of school, work, and life in a global community.

Philosophy Statement

Independence High Magnet School brings together young people of diverse race, economic background, ethnic heritage, and intellectual promise and strives to provide them with knowledge, skills opportunity and motivation to reach their maximum potential as scholars, as creators, and as contributing and self-sufficient members of a democratic society.  We recognize the necessity to provide opportunities for students to participate in co-curricular activities to make them more aware of the qualities of cooperation and fair play, to give them realistic preparation for involvement in the world outside of school, and to guide them toward the proper use of time.  Although the administration and faculty strive for excellence in all aspects of school, we realize it must be the daily expectation of the entire community- personnel, students, parents and other participants  - if it is to be actualized.